Joondalup Motorcycles

As of June 30th this year, if not earlier, Joondalup Motorcycles will no longer be part of the Suzuki Motorcycles dealer network. Joondalup Motorcycles itself will continue, but not in the capacity of motorcycle dealer. It was an unfortunate and extremely difficult decision to have come to, but until the above date, it will be business as usual. We hope you can be patient with us during this transition period.

That said, we do have a number of motorcycles in our showroom that will need to be sold, so if you have been considering a new Suzuki, please give us a call to see if we have the model that you could possibly be after. Just to be clear, we won’t be taking any trade-ins and we are prepared to do some great deals to move our stock along. Don’t forget all of our helmets, protective clothing, lubricants, boots and gloves…

Suzuki Way of Life